Evolving Value-Adding Processes

Everything your organization does to deliver its products and services involves a process. 

We invite you to make all your processes life-generating for your organization, your stakeholders, and the places and communities where you work.

What If You Could...

  • Bring into existence the next evolution of life-giving patterns for your entire organizational ecosystem?
  • Enhance your business performance and effectiveness while at the same time improving the health and well-being of social, ecological, and economic systems?
  • Play a leadership role in the regeneration of your market or industry?

Evolving Value-Adding Processes

Building on the work performed on catalyzing a healthy stakeholder ecosystem, this series engages TREC organizations and their key stakeholders in evolving the distinctive regenerative capabilities of an offering’s value-adding process.

This series aims to contribute to the life-generating capacity of those an organization serves and the systems with which it interacts, thereby making the whole stakeholder ecosystem (and potentially the whole industry) more regenerative. 

The series is structured around a framework that represents the 8 Phases of a Value-Adding Process.

Transformational Process © 2020 Sidney Cano


A product or service offering that generates higher order value to customers or beneficiaries.

An ability to both actualize and realize new potential.

Increased value-generating capabilities for all stakeholder involved.

New vitality, viability, and capacity for evolution for places and communities.