Regenerating Place-Sourced Economies

Every place and community has a vocation.

When you reawaken the spirit and soul of your place—its unique essence—you bring greater meaning to any endeavor and enable your community to fulfill its vocation.

What If You Could...

  • Align all your stakeholders toward a common aim grounded in the uniqueness of place?
  • Ensure your shared work contributes to enhancing the distinctive characteristics of your community?
  • Develop local capabilities to sustain regenerative work over time?

Regenerating Place-Sourced Economies

Regeneration is about continuously importing new and necessary energy into a place. This can be done by rooting an entire stakeholder ecosystem in a deep understanding of the unique essence and vocation of its community so that all business activities contribute to increasing the place’s vitality, viability, and capacity to evolve.

This series engages TREC members in deepening their connection to their place while creating alignment with their stakeholders around a shared aim: the realization of their community’s vocation.

“When a community awakens to its uniqueness, it taps into a potency that comes from operating authentically, from the core of who it is.”

~Pamela Mang and Ben Haggard, Regenesis


A deep understanding of the unique essence and vocation of your community.

A stakeholder community vectored toward a collective community direction grounded in the uniqueness of place. 

Increased community members’ engagement, ownership, and stewardship.

A self-reliant and self-sustaining community with the capacity to continuously innovate and evolve.