We believe any business can be a powerful instrument for regenerating local economies

The Regenerative Entrepreneur Communities

Regenerating local economies through the power of entrepreneurship

What if every business and entrepreneur was able to actively participate in the revitalization of its neighborhood, city, and even region?

We create communities of businesses and entrepreneurs who work together to maximize their regenerative impact on their local community.

Your journey toward a regenerative local economy

Develop your capabilities to increase your business’s regenerative effects on your community.

Year 1: Catalyzing Healthy Stakeholder Ecosystem

Responsible business leaders and entrepreneurs know that their business activities should benefit all stakeholders. We invite you to take a step further and increase your leadership role by intentionally catalyzing a healthy stakeholder ecosystem engaged toward a shared common aim: genuine wealth for all members of your community.

Year 2: Evolving Business Value-Adding Processes

When your business’s processes become more value-adding, you contribute to the life-generating capacity of those you serve and the systems with which you interact. In doing so, you make your whole business ecosystem—including customers, co-creators, social and ecological systems, and potentially your whole industry—more regenerative. 

Year 3: Regenerating Place-Sourced Economies

Regeneration is about continuously importing new and necessary energies in a place. This can be done by rooting an entire business ecosystem in a deep understanding of the unique essence and vocation of its community, so that all business activities contribute to increasing the place’s vitality, viability, and capacity to evolve.

TREC is a partnership between

Sidney Cano

CIO, Duit Corporation

Mexico City, Mexico

Beatrice Ungard

Principal, Soma Integral Consulting

Los Angeles, California, USA

Ben Haggard

Principal, Regenesis Group

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Interested in hosting TREC in your community?