Learn about our Regenerative Entrepreneur Communities Series

What is TREC?

TREC is a multi-year place-sourced series for business leaders and entrepreneurs who consider their business a powerful instrument for regenerating local economies.

If you believe there should be no tradeoff between improving your business performance and viability and, at the same time, creating healthy communities and places, TREC is for you!

TREC engages business leaders in a deep developmental process aimed at building their capacity and capabilities to increase their business’s regenerative effects on social, ecological, and economic systems.

How Does TREC Work?

We create communities of business leaders and entrepreneurs who work together to maximize their regenerative impact on their community.

Each TREC has a local host who is responsible for stewarding the community. TREC members are grouped in learning cohorts with a dedicated Resource who is responsible for supporting their learning and development throughout the series.

A minimum commitment of one year is required.

"This approach is very focused on practical work. This year has helped me a lot to rethink how we work, stretching [my capabilities] as much as possible. And I see the importance of continuing to work in this way moving forward, staying oriented in a solid Direction."
Gerardo Álvarez
TREC Mexico City

Benefits of Engaging with TREC

Participation in a regenerative business community

Increased business distinctiveness and leadership

Reciprocal relationships between business stakeholders

Business practices that are life-giving for the local community

Format of the Series

TREC is currently delivered online.

  • 5 primary sessions (6 hours each delivered over 2 consecutive days)
  • 5 fishbowl sessions — one person is being resourced while the other members observe and share their reflections at the end of the session (60 minutes each )
  • 5 small group sessions in study cohorts with dedicated resource (90 minutes each) 

Interested in hosting TREC in your community?