Catalyzing Healthy Stakeholder Ecosystems

Responsible organizations know that their activities should benefit all stakeholders. 

We invite you to take a step further and increase your leadership role by intentionally catalyzing a healthy stakeholder ecosystem engaged toward a shared common aim: genuine wealth for all members of your community.


What If You Could...

  • Improve your organization’s viability while at the same time playing a regenerative role in your community?
  • More deeply understand who your customers or beneficiaries are so that you can increase the value embedded in your products and services?
  • Build developmental relationships with your employees, suppliers, and other business partners empowering them to apply their intelligence and creativity to making a difference to your customers and your community?
  • Engage your financial investors in learning conversations about the potential of using your organization as an instrument for regenerating your local economy?

Catalyzing Healthy Stakeholder Ecosystems

This series is structured around the Stakeholder Pentad—a systemic framework introduced by Carol Sanford in her book The Responsible Business. It depicts the key stakeholders that a regenerative organization must invest in to create the conditions for its non-displaceability. In working creatively and developmentally with its stakeholders an organization can increase the value generated throughout the whole ecosystem while creating the conditions for the local economy to flourish.

Stakeholder Pentad © 2011 Carol Sanford


Distinctive products and services that reflect a deep understanding of your customers’ or beneficiaries’ lives and aspirations and lead to your non-displaceability in your community and your market.

Developmental relationships with your co-creators (i.e., employees, suppliers, partners and collaborators) that enable them to make a unique contribution to the lives of your customers/beneficiaries.

Deeper capacity to cultivate partnerships with Earth, regenerating the natural system in which you operate and from which you source materials.

Understanding of the unique characteristics of your local community—its essence—and the value-adding role your organization plays in increasing its vitality, viability, and capacity for evolution.

Educated investors, engaged in regenerative thinking, who recognize that their financial success depends on the creation of genuine wealth in the communities in which they invest.on.

2024 Cohort Pre-Enrollment Details

Pre-enrollment for the 2024 series, Catalyzing Healthy Stakeholder Ecosystems, is open.

We invite business and nonprofit leadership teams (three persons minimum per team) seeking to build a stakeholder strategy to regenerate their local community and economy to submit their applications. (This series is not open to consultants.)

Throughout the series, team members will work together in breakout groups to apply powerful concepts and living systems frameworks to their organization and context. We provide a resource to each team whose role is to elevate the team’s thinking process.

A one-year commitment to participate in 10 three-hour online sessions is required.

Fee: $7,500 for up to three people; $2,000 per person for each additional team member.

Payment for the series is refundable minus a 3% handling fee up to the start of the series. No refunds will be given after the first session.

We want to make sure this series is the right fit for you. Please complete the application form below to tell us about your organization and your interest, and we will follow up with you to schedule a conversation. Note: this series is not per invitation. After the conversation with us, if you are attracted to what we offer, you are welcome to register and pay for the series.

2024 Cohort Sessions Tentative Dates and Times

Wednesdays 9:00 am to noon Pacific Time.

Note: The dates below assume a start date of Jun 19, 2024. The start date may shift until the 2024 Cohort is filled with 5 to 6 organizations with 3 participants each.

Jun 19

Jul 17

Aug 28

Sep 25

Oct 23

Nov 20

Dec 18

Jan 22

Feb 19

Mar 19

Session 1: Understanding the Developmental Aspect of Regenerative Work

Session 2: Why Creating a Healthy Stakeholder Ecosystem

Session 3: Working from Essence

Session 4: Generating Higher Value for Customers/Beneficiaries     

Session 5: Engaging Co-Creators Developmentally      

Session 6: Developing a Partnership with Place  – PART 1: Playing a Value-Adding Role in the Place(s) Where You Operate  

Session 7: Developing a Partnership with Place – PART 2: Aligning Your Activities With the Essence Vocation of Your Place

Session 8: Engaging Financial Investors Developmentally

Session 9: Activating Your Entire Stakeholder Ecosystem

Session 10: And Now What? Being a Catalyst for Change